Last couple of days before flying back 帰国までの数日

On 22nd, my grandma, mom and I went to a Japanese restaurant for lunch. Since my grandma has started to live all alone after closing her (and grandpa's who's in heaven) Tofu shop, the feeling I care about her has got bigger and it makes me message her a lot more often. Though I stayed in Japan for a week and a few days this time, I got to see her twice. On this day I first came to her house by train and my mom caught up with us after finishing work at noon (only for this day because I was leaving). 
Guys, if you haven't seen real Japanese food, here are the detail in the menu. So colorful (of course no artificial pigments), beautifully dished up, and always healthy. If you ever find a Japanese restaurant, try their food that only made by real Japanese staffs, not other foreigners! 

On 23rd, we made a quick stop at my dad's bike shop. Sadly the dog that lies down on the floor passed away in the same evening, some hours after we left there, though, we had a chance to see him trying to look at us and breathing. 
My mom and Haruka saw me off at Narita airport and then I met up with my hubby who had off day. 
We had dinner at Thai restaurant and he flew back to Germany one day earlier than me. 
I found an ornamental hairpin that's called Kanzashi as a souvenir for myself. 

22日は世田谷のババとお昼ご飯! 長年経営してた豆腐屋を閉めてすぐにジジが亡くなってから一人暮らしを始めて、私はかなり彼女にメールしたり、帰国したらすぐ会いに行くようになった。72歳の今もバリバリ運転して動き回るけど、やっぱり完全に一人となると気になるよね。っていう訳で、今回の滞在は一週間とちょっとだけだったけど、2回会えた。




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