2nd week in Japan 帰国2週目

On 16th June, my mom and I drove to Yuzawa city, Niigata, where is home of my dad and I grew up and saw my grandparents, my cousin, and my aunt. Fortunately, even after the divorce of my parents, I get to see them from time to time and have a great time as their grandchild. 
As you can see the photos below (click "SEE MORE"), my hometown has full of nature, clear air and water, best rice in Japan (because of water), and people that make you feel home. Here's always nice to come back to relax (or maybe to forget work haha). 
My mom and I had as late lunch/ early dinner "Hegi-soba" which is popular and famous soba in this region and well known for a large portion with tempura that's a must. 
It tastes simply aaaaamazing and heaven. 

On 19th, my mom, Haruka, and I went out to a Hawaiian restaurant for dinner. My mom and Haruka have found that restaurant after they moved there the past February and haven't tried it yet. So we gave it a try and enjoyed it. Enjoy photos :) 


この後勢いで横浜屋でラーメン笑 ちゃんとお腹空いてないと美味しさが薄れるね。次回は空腹時に来ます。。



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