Heidelberg ハイデルベルク

On 19th July, yesterday, we went to Heidelberg. This is where John had been wanting to take to and we finally made it.
In a Germany tour guide book that he brought from his flight, I got to find a page picking up this place and it shows what to see there.
Since the year 1386, the oldest University in Germany was built in Heidelberg, it's been known as student city. Ever since the old time, Goethe, Chopin, and many other poets and artists had come to Heidelberg, much of their creation were praising this place.
There are many old castles here. They were built about between the year 1300 and 1800 and people had tried to fix them over and over as these got damaged by destruction. The castle on the first photo is the ruin from Thirty Year's War.
The bridge, that comes on the end of this post, is one of symbols in Heidelberg known as "Alte Brücke" (Old Bridge), was made in 1788 by Karl Theodor and the length is around 200m.
When you come to the city center, you find traditional German restaurants, souvenir shops, popular Christmas market shop (known well for the Nutcracker), and shopping malls.
These must-check places are luckily all compacted and you can check them through by walk.
When you get a chance to fly to Germany, come visit Heidelberg!
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