Finally Pikilia at home 自宅でピキリア

We finally got to have Pikilia at home. 
Even though we knew that there was a small Greek deli section at a big supermarket in our neighbor city and we always walked by it, we had never bought it until after 2 years (I came to Germany almost 2 years ago). 
Is it "The darkest place is under the candlestick"?
Since we didn't get to have the best Pikilia this time which we had 2 years ago in Michelstadt, I suggested him to buy it at the deli section someday. and guess what? we bought it in 2 days lol
All of them tasted the exactly the same as restaurants' one or even better, and what's more, there were more many pastes to choose: we bought 3 pastes and feta cheese, olives, beans and dolma. 
When you order this appetizer Pikilia at a restaurant, you get 3 or 4 kinds of these pastes on a plate. But those pastes you can choose at the deli section are depending on how big it is though, about 12 kinds of it. and it's absolutely cheaper. 
...Ey, why the heck didn't we ever buy them and continue going to restaurants? 
Now I know we wouldn't go to Greek restaurant for Pikilia :D
Besides this appetizer plate, I made cold tomato soup for the hot Summer day. What do you cook these hot days?


暑い日が続きますが、みなさん何作ってますか?? 夏バテしないようにね!
Tschus! (チュース!(ドイツのバイバイ))


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