Quick Return 一週間の帰国

From 11th. June till 25th. June I was back in Japan. As I thought that I wouldn't have enough time to return home any more once I start going to school again in September and I couldn't see my family in the end of this year, I decided to make 2nd return to Japan to spend time with them. As a surprise ;) 
I've told my mom though that I'll fly back as I needed her to pick me up at the airport but both my brother and sister never knew that I'd show up suddenly in the house. 
Here are photos I took from coming flight on 11th. Tuesday until the first weekend of 15th and 16th. 
Marina, who's my best friend that I've known since we were 3 years old, was the only person I got to meet in this short stay. We met in Shinjuku, had lunch, enjoyed 4 flavors of Baskin Robbins ice creams, and made Puri-kura (photo sticker) as always. 
Last photos are when Haruka and I played with gal-makeup :) Enjoy it.

先月11日(到着12日)から25日までの一週間程度日本に帰国していました。9月からまた学校に行き始めたら忙しくなって年末家族に会えないと思い、チケット取って年始以来二回目の帰国をしたわけです。サプライズでね ;)

The ground staff who's friend of my hubby, blocked the whole 3 seats of me for a relaxing flight. COOL. 
「快適な空の旅を」笑 わ〜い快適!

 Beautiful sky from window. 窓からの眺め

Dinner 夕食

Breakfast 朝ご飯

When I made it surprise. サプライズ成功 笑

She held me crying for surprise lol サプライズ直後のハグ

on 15th. with Marina at Thai restaurant for lunch. まりと新宿で。お昼はタイレストラン 

This is what I had. ごはん来た!

For 40th anniversary, if you order "Happy 4 you" (I think that was that name), you can choose 4 flavors.

Tokyo GAL! 例の。笑



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