26th. March Münster Day 2

2nd day. We headed out to the city where's very accessible from her (Jan's grandma) apartment. The weather was perfect, it actually stayed completely sunny until 28th we left, and beautiful streets, shops and its display, buildings never stopped fascinating me. My mouth kept opened when I faced this church. It's hard to show you how big this was in this photo but incredibly beautiful and got me speechless. 
In the beginning of the day, first we knocked on her door to go some shopping and have lunch together. The air was still so frozen even after 10am (-3 degrees!) but we saw many people jogging in light outfits. 

More photos....>>>

We walked through some blocks while taking photos and stopped by some shops for cloths. 
But more than checking updated display at clothing shops, my intention was all the time taken for photos that I couldn't miss in this short stay. 
Old stone paved walls, streets that have known many histories of people who lived here, the stream of time, ever since before my great grandparents came to this space, could be even before? 
and I felt I'm the one person who passed by these walls like other formers. 

Beautiful houses. 

The restaurant on the left side is where we had dinner on the first day. And we kept walking up to the city.

After walking for some hours, we decided to have some pretzels with nice coffee :) This is the must in Germany ;)

The dinner this day was at her home. Typical German (European) dinner: many kinds of ham, sausages, bread, and cheese. But we didn't forget to buy our salad (she didn't want it). 

At last, these Spring light sweaters are my purchase. The left one is by Vero Moda and the right one is by H&M.



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