27th. March Münster Day 3 and 28th the morning

The 3rd day, last day in Münster, started from the morning market that's taken place twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday morning till noon) in front of the cathedral (in German: Dom). 
The place was full of smiles, chats holding Easter food, shouts for selling, and people walking busily to buy from shop to shop. 
They sold various products at their trucks and small tents from accessories, meat, fish, deli, bread & cakes, honey, pasta, nuts, dried fruits, vegetable, cheese, eggs, flowers and more. We bought regional rich honey as a souvenir for Jan's parents and dried fruits to eat while walking. 
Even just walking through the market is a lot fun! 
At a small truck, they had freshly baked waffles! I regretted having breakfast at our hotel... It was hard to walk by the yaaaahhmmyyy smell of waffles just out of the oven. Definitely next time.
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In the afternoon, his grandma recommended us to go walk along a huge lake named Aasee [ah-zeh].
After we had small lunch with her, we walked up to the lake via the cathedral square. 
Since there is University by the lake, many students were walking in the blocks. And along the lake, thanks to the nice weather, people were enjoying walk, jogging, chatting on the bench, and the sunshine. 

On the return way, the wind was against us and we got almost frozen.....
If you are in the middle Europe or even above, you know how insanely cold last days that were way colder than this past Winter. Damn, freaking, cold. It cooled up deep inside my body till the bones, seriously. So these photos below were right before when we knew to die.

Okay, I could've worn more nicely but my face started to get unmovable and didn't care what I look like lol It felt hours and hours in the frozen wind on the return way and when we finally make it back to where we started to walk, I almost collapsed on the street (serious!!). We desperately tried to find a café to drink something warm for energy to keep on walking back to the hotel. 

"we almost made it."

 "...... wanna go home"

They named well.

 Finally the way back to hotel. 

After relaxing back in our room for 1 hour, we went out again to visit her to have dinner together.
Jan and I ordered huge schnitzels (mine was with mushroom sauce with french fries on the right side down) to devour.

"woo <3"

Cozy evening at her home.
Relax for some hours before saying See you next time. She was such an intelligent, full of wit, kind person and such an inspiration to me. She turns 88 years old this year but her vigorousness, wit, sharp reaction to what we are talking never made me feel her age. 
I'm already looking so much forward to seeing her again. 

I liked their breakfast buffet though I didn't have any sausages and cheese. 

What I had

 See you again Münster!
Such an amazing place.



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