Fluffy & nicely sweet Onion Loaf ふんわりやさしい玉ねぎパン

Onion loaf. Would you have it with a soup or for breakfast?  I found some onions that were getting old (I bought too much) in my kitchen and had good enough amount of ingredients to make breads.
So I baked some onion loafs for Easter (long time ago now!) meals.
I love the smell of onions with hot butter, and the texture of the loaf that is soft, rich, moist and gentle.
We had it with dinner soup but it would be nice for morning with omelette or sunny side up egg.
Please try. This is a homemade sweet treat.

300g Bread flour (強力粉)
4.5g Salt (塩)
4.5g Instant dried Yeast (ドライイースト)
4.5g freshly ground black petter (粗挽き黒胡椒 )
12ml Milk (牛乳)
12g Sugar (砂糖)
■1/2 beaten Egg (溶いた卵半分)
■180ml lukewarm Water (ぬるいお湯)
12g room temperature Butter (室温バター)
2 Medium Onions, finely minced, sautéd(玉ねぎ 炒める)


1: In a pan melt 1 tablespoon butter and fry minced onion until golden brown, transparent, and soft.


2: In a large bowl mix flour, salt, yeast, black pepper, milk, sugar and beaten egg & water with a rubber spatula.
When it's evenly mixed, knead it well for 10 minutes with hands. And then add butter.

強力粉から砂糖までを順に混ぜて行き、玉ねぎも加え卵水を注ぐ(寒い時期はぬるま湯で)。全体をムラなくヘラで混ぜ、今度は手で約10分捏ねる。 10分位捏ねたらバターを加える。

3: Continue kneading another 5 minutes. When you pull out the dough and it makes like a thin film between your dough-holding hands, it's done. Make it one bunch in a bowl, with a lid or wrap (not air-tight), let it rest for more than 1 hour or until it gets twice bigger.


4: Divide the dough into 6 to 8 balls and rest another 30 minutes with the cover on.
Preheat your oven at 200℃ (390°F).


5: Back in the oven at 180~190℃ (360~380°F) for 20 minutes.


Bon Appétit!


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