#2 One-Hour Cinnamon Rolls 1時間でできるシナモンロール


After making shortcut cinnamon rolls, I was waiting for when I can make another easy one till this time. If I compare both, I prefer this One hour cinnamon rolls that have more texture to enjoy (a little gooey, yet fluffy, moist inside, and crispy, flavorful, wonderfully caramelized surface outside..MMM) and plain dough & cinnamon sugar filling give an unreplaceable breakfast time..
I guess sooner or later I'd need to know original cinnamon rolls, but this one doesn't keep you long at the kitchen: 1 hour, you can make it while your kids play in the living room or even before everyone wakes up in the morning. They might come out of rooms for the fantastic baking smell though.
So this recipe must come! 

I used this recipe: here

For the dough: 生地
2 3⁄4 cup (400+150g) all-purpose flour (薄力粉)
30g sugar (砂糖)
7g baking powder (ベーキングパウダー)
1⁄2 tsp. baking soda (ベーキングソーダ 小さじ1⁄2)
1 pinch salt (塩ひとつまみ)
1 1⁄4 cup (250ml) milk (牛乳)
6 tbsp (60g) melted butter  (溶かしたバター)

For the filling: 中身 (お好みに応じて砂糖とシナモンの量は加減)
2 tbsp (30g) melted butter (溶かしたバター)
2 tbsp (30g) brown sugar (ブラウンシュガー (普通の砂糖でもokだけど、ブラウンだと濃密になってうま♡))
1 tbsp (15g) cinnamon  (シナモン)

For the glaze: シュガーコーティング
1/4 cup (50ml) water (水)
1/4 cup EACH powdered sugar & brown (各50gずつパウダー&ブラウンシュガー)


1: First, mix all of dry ingredients together in a large bowl, then add in the melted butter and the milk.

The dough starts out looking like a shaggy mess, but after kneading it for a few minutes, it should become a bit smooth and more elastic than wet. If it still seems wet, go ahead and add some more flour.

Melted butter. You can use blender to mix evenly too. 
 Add in milk AFTER mixed butter well. Not at the same time.

Knead well. I kneaded it for about 5 min. 

2: Once it’s a bit neater, roll it out into a roughly 50cm x 30cm rectangle, about 4mm thick.
After that, top the dough rectangle with melted butter and your mixture of cinnamon and sugar and roll it up.
長方形に伸ばした生地にシナモン、バター、砂糖を混ぜたものをぬって生地を巻く。50cm × 30cm程度。長方形にして厚さ4mmくらいになればok。

Mix in melted butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar. 

With some extra dough, I started to think about what to put on it. Opened my shelf, and stared at nutella....... "It couldn't be better." Looks genius, doesn't it?


You can immediately cut & bake. But I wrapped them and chilled in my fridge because I wanted to have them for breakfast next morning! I swallowed my appetite...


Good morning babes. MMMMM I can almost taste it..

3: Preheat your oven at 210℃ (425°F). Cut a roll about 5cm wide.

4: Put your perfectly-cut rolls in a greased baking pan and bake at  210℃ (425°F) for about 15 minutes, then lower at 150℃ (310°F) for 5 to 10 minutes. My rolls were still half raw after the first 15 minutes.

5: While they’re in the oven, you can mix your glaze with brown sugar & white sugar. Let them boil a little till bubbles come up. Nicely caramelized glaze make it even more tasty. 


 6: Pour it over the rolls while they’re fresh out of the oven, so it gives them a nice caramelized layer and absorbs into the roll, keeping them moist for days.
オーブンから出したばかりのロールに作ったグレーズをかける。ちょうど良くグレーズがロールに染みておいしい :)

With milk or coffee? ;) 

nom nom nom


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