Easy, Addictive Beef Quesadillas ビーフケサディア

Quesadillas! It's getting the perfect weather for it these days. Do you like it?
I still remember the shock when I first had quesadillas at Taco John's in Montana and I got immediately addicted. Ever since I had one, I only ordered quesadilla at Mexican restaurant, Taco Bell (they had it, didn't they?), Taco John's ...everywhere. Especially I loved their chicken one. Do you like it? I knowww.  Turkey also rocks.
Ah..... I miss U.S.. I love the smell I felt when I arrived in the airport (wherever, Seattle, Minnesota, Denver, Salt lake city..) and its atmosphere....*sigh*
Anyway, beef quesadilla. When it comes to mexican and beef, chili powder is must. Grab black olives, shredded cheese and if you could get green chilly that would be perfect. omfg, here Germany they don't have green chili at any grocery stores. I wonder why they don't have it while they sell Maggy's, Old El Paso, and other famous products. Should I be biting sausage? -_-
I substituted green onion (leek) for the green chili that turned out pretty good!
Cheese melts in the beef... ahhhh... dip in salsa......ahrrrrrrr...
Easy dinner recipe!

1lb/500g ground beef (牛ひき)
1 Package your favorite Taco seasoning mix (お好きなタコス用チリパウダー一袋 例:写真)
100ml ~ 150ml water (水)
Salt & ground black pepper to taste (塩・黒こしょう少々)
4 to 5 flour tortillas (4~5枚トルティーヤ) I used my handmade tortilla 私は手作りトルティーヤ
Butter (for spreading) (バター適量)
1 to 2 cups Mexican cheese blend (200g ピザ用チーズ)
Your favorite salsa sauce (お好みのサルサソース)
-------------Add in your favorite ingredients 好みの具材を入れてね---------------------------------------------------------
1 cup/200g sliced black olives (200g 種抜きブラックオリーブ、スライス)
½ cup/100g green onion (leek) (長ネギスライス)


1: In a large skillet, cook ground beef over medium heat until no longer pink. Drain any excess grease.
Add in 1 package of Taco seasoning mix and stir until evenly mixed. And pour 100ml (150ml if needed) water. Continue stirring until water soaks in beef and no excess water left.


2: Heat another skillet to medium-low heat. Brush one side of a tortilla with butter, place butter side down into the pan. Sprinkle cheese over the half of the tortilla.

On one half of the tortilla, place some beef mixture. Cook until the cheese has melted.
With a spatula fold the beef mixture-side and press the cheese side down toward the beef. Slightly press the tortilla with the spatula for a couple of minutes and remove from the pan.
Repeat with remaining tortillas.


Enjoy with salsa sauce! 
サルサソースで召し上がれ :) 簡単でしょ?


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