My journey-the 1st time Business class flight to the 1st day-

Hey guys, thanks so much for reading my blog if you've checked here for updates sometimes before while I was completely away until now. Now I'm 100% connected to the Internet and able to post as much as I want so I'll keep you posted from today :) I'm sorry for being away and absent for a long long time.

I start from photos taken at the hotel Marroad nearby Narita airport stayed with my mom to see me off.
I took her to the Marroad buffet on the top floor of the hotel which John and I used to go. Too bad was she was catching a cold and couldn't taste most foods there haha but at least she enjoyed that ambiance.

Here's the lounge of Business class passengers. Since it was my first time to get on board of Business class, everything was so fresh and amazing! hehe So at this lounge, you can eat and drink as much as you want until the staff tells you until boarding starts. I liked that sofa that was so fluffy and almost made me asleep :) 

Actually I didn't get anything there to drink or eat not to feel like going to the bathroom on board later on ;)

After one of the staff told me they'd start boarding, I went up to the gate and got on board. This is right before the plane stared to head to the runway. 

Lunch time after 2 hours. Appetizer started with nice German bread. Shrimp with sour cream and sautéed vegetables. 

Main dish was melting-soft beef steak with rad wine sauce and gnocchi. 

I chose the rich chocolate cake for dessert. The orange sauce (maybe made with liqueur) matched a lot with bitter chocolate mousse :9 Mmmm <3!

Some views from my seat. 

2 hours before landing, dinner was served. I chose this limited menu made for Oktober Fest. Since I missed the fest held in September, I thought I should try this! That was so delicious as well. 

Started to see Frankfurt, Germany!

All taxies are Benz, of course xD so cool.

On the way to a nice pizzeria which Italian people run.

It was an amazing day and start for my journey :) I appreciate all people who helped my leaving Japan and flight :) 



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