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Hello guys, I'm very sorry for being absent super long. Now I've always been feeling everyday how unconveninet not being able to use the Internet at home is. I used to check out all my favorite blogs and be able to browse whatever popped up in my mind anytime.  What's been keeping me crazy is that I cannot make posts to let you know what I wore today, did today, places I went to, people I met, and more.
I have no idea how many people check out my blog, know me, and like me, but keeping posting my updates is completely a part of my life now and so important!
Once I finish moving to Germany, I promise I will keep you updated way way way more often like everyday and try not to get you bored. Now, again, making this post at work.

This photo was taken by my photographer friend, Darren. (Darren, I downloaded these 3 photos from your Facebook page!) I was asking the station staff to know how to get back to his (Darren) station for him and was a bit irritated by his (station staff) attitude lol. He might've assumed I'm a lot younger than him after a few seconds we started talking and he changed the way he talked. I was treated like a kid lol it's okayyy. Finding out which train to get back to his station, looking back at him, he was taking photos of me lol

This is the very first photo he took right after my sister and I got to know him at Shibuya. He was taking photos with amazing Canon DSLR in the crowd of Shibuya. Haruka and I were at the entrance of Bershka and waiting for Haruka's friend to come. We found a guy taking photos leaning on the poll on the street and talked like what if he was caputuring us. and he actually did :D 
Deciding to go back home, his camera moved toward us and we posed silly with some smile. He gestured "wanna take a look?" pointing the camera screen and we walked up to him. This is how our friendship started.

well I didn't look good for camera at that time. Makeup was almost gone, I looked a bit tired from work and hungry! heeh

Want to know something strange story? Since before this past Summer began, I got the feeling that I'd find and have a photographer friend before my leaving here who offers to shoot photos of me that would be posted on my blog and who's becoming my best friend. I'm not 100% sure if the someone is Darren but this sounds almost like him. I met him right before I leave here for Germany, he is really good at photography, has a DSLR which I want so bad, and we have much in common (love fashion, girls' fashion shopping, shoes, purses, hair styles and more), like psychology, and so on.
He has to leave Japan on 24th this month and I have to leave here too on 3rd October. We met with similarities and both have to leave each other soon. If this is just a fate, and we couldn't meet up anymore, I wish we could've met earlier. How would you say if this happen to you?
Thanks so much for thoese (hopefully more many to come!) photos, Darren!



  1. Welcome back Megumi. I hope you are enjoying Germany.XXX


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