Black sheer dress

H&M sheer dress, flats/H&M ブラックシアードレス、フラッツ
Forever21 necklace/Forever21 ネックレス
Monkey Bite stole/モンキーバイト ストール
ZARA suede handbag/ザラ スエードバッグ

I came to Mainz for the first time in a year. Last time was for Main River cruising which was amazing and this time was for shopping tour, which was really fun. 
Unfortunately it was cloudy all day long and the wind was chilly that kept me feeling shivery :( But all the buildings amazed me a lot. Historical structure keeps me imagining and wondering how people spent their life here in an old time and how it's changed till today.. Buildings tell their histories, which is hard for us to reach it, even though they're human made.. Even just looking at a small old house it always makes me thoughtful :) Hope you're having a relaxing evening.




  1. Nice hair. frances

  2. I just found your blog and I think it's really cute! Love your outfits and style! I hope you will check out my blog as well and come by to comment!

  3. Thanks so much for checking out my blog beauties <3 I will come to your pages for updates :)


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