ZARA silver sweater/ザラ セーター
Bershka skinny jeans/ベルシュカ スキニージーンズ

2nd Thursday since I moved to Germany spent at Ruedesheim in which 40 min car ride away from home and I fell in love with in seconds last Summer. Even though I took hundreds of photos here last year, it wasn't enough at all and this time was also the same. There are always too many pretty buildings even more than where I live in Raunheim and amazing landscape from wine field where you can look over Rhine River. So I tried to take some places that looked famous/popular/impressive and things I thought would be nice in photographic editing. 
 This time I matched new flats with the large shopper bag. Both of them are my favorites nowadays :) and added silver high neck sweater and skinny not to bother the green. What do you think about this look :) Hope you're having a relaxing evening :)

今回は新しいグリーンのフラッツに出国直前に買ったバッグをマッチさせたよ。両方ともZARAで最近のお気に入りなの。シルバーのセーターとスキニーをグリーンの邪魔にならないように足してバランス取ってみたよ。どう思う? ステキな夜を過ごしてね :)



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