Don't want an ending.

This has been my most favorite song since I found it around July. Each words, how he describes the feelings and everything really match things I've been through having the day coming soon to leave Japan for years. The whole merody is so beautiful, emotional, and the lyrics really reaches my heart  so much. If you have someone special who you like a lot, never want to say goodbye to, and you have to leave where you both are. This song must be the right one to listen to. I sincerely want you to listen to this.

By the way I've ended the cantract of the Internet connection on 31st August because of moving out. So I won't be able to make as many outfit posts as I did before this month, I'm sorry :( But I will for sure try to bring my pc somehwere has WiFi to post my outfit photos whenever I can. Right now I'm making this post at work :P
Preparation for leaving to Germany has been getting done little by litthe and seeing each one's finished makes me feel I really am leaving Japan. Things which John's working on for my moving in are also going on too. Calling up the language school I'm going to to make an appointment for the interview (to see how much I can speak German lol ..not at all), going to the back to make my bank attount (officially when I'm there), finding out how to make Euro card (Life insuranse card which is available in Europe), and making space for me in his house. New passport I've applied for  last week will be here on 5th and I need to do some more process thing to make it by the last week of this month.... Time flies!
After getting to his house, new life, new chapter of my life history, starts and he and I will have 2 week vacation. I promise you to make as many outfit posts as possible (please help me, John). It must be exciting to do photoshooting somewhere completely different from here, Tokyo. For "City" look, we'd go to Frankfurt and for "country/casual" look, we'd go Oden Forest which is 40 min-1 hour away from our house (We could find more convenient places near us for sure though.)
Everything is different, new places, new people and I'm going to dive in it all. Life might go harder than I guess now but I'm sure I'd grow up more each day.

Let's see how new things go. I will keep you posted :)



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