Love See-through.

Transparent dress: moussy
Casual large bag: ZARA (New arrival)
Peacock tank: Forever21
Short denim: ZARA
Sandals: Bershka

I'm sorry for being absent! Since August started, John's flight has not been on my days off (last months were just lucky my days off and his flight schedules were almost the same timing) so I haven't been able to do good photo shootings (I don't meant to be mean to my sister or mother though!) that we used to do until July.
I got this beautiful transparent long shirt (how would you call it? one-piece? blouse? shirt?) 2 weeks ago at moussy and wore it the next day to hang out with Albert. Wanna know a nice story of this beautiful shirt?
On the way to the station by bike, the thing I was afraid of the most happened. After in a few minutes leaving home, I started to hear the clatter beck there and began to wonder what was making that noise near me riding . I stopped my bike on the road and looked back behind me and saw the nightmare. The cutout this shirt got screwed up in the bike tire!!!!!!
I saw it tore the material up and small holes from a button...The tiny buttons were clattering between steels of tire. It made such a thick long black line from the button 'cause of bike/tire oil and I had to run into the bathroom 5 minutes before I saw him to wash it as much as possible. ...still brand new..
So I'm still wondering if I should get back to the shop again to get the exactly the same one (maybe it's gone already :'( ) You cannot see the "scars" of this shirt 'cause I was trying to hide it ;) Anyhow, it looks amazing and beautiful doesn't it? :) xxx

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↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ oh, this hole↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ (I'm going to sew it)



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