I'm ready with ZARA Suede for Autumn & Winter

What would you say about this beautiful green suede bag? and the (obviously!) useful shoulder bag (new arrival) down below? I've been paying attention to nice colors that suit Autumn/Winter on accessories and they're perfect to match new season, including another suede handbag which is on previous post.
Coming back to my station this evening, I began to wonder if I should stop by to say hi to my friend who's working at ZARA. Every time I go there I have new friends who want to know me more from how I wear clothes that interest them (they say) and ask for my blog. (Start talking like "I'd like to put this bag on my blog.." and they're like "oh are you a blogger? I'd love to check your blog. May I have the link?" and I give it to them hehe)
So today, I've got new lady who I promised to post these new bags on here within today. She was so nice and killing me by complimenting my outfit. Thank you so much! and it made me buy these after all ;)
Surprisingly, this green handbag was already on sale even though it was still $170 (in Japan, always like this price.) with the brown one, which was just $38. lol Definitely must-buy, right? Mmm....all these will complete my Autumn outfits for sure :)

今日の夕方駅に戻ってきてからマルイの中にあるZARAで働いてる友だちに声かけよ~って思って寄ったの。毎回ショップに行くたびに新しい友だちができて楽しいんだよね。結局今日会いたかった子がいなくて残念だったけど、また今日も一人店員さんと仲良くなった :) 今日着てた服とかバッグ合わせたときにとっても気に入ってもらえてこのブログ教えさせてもらいました~♥ このバッグの記事書いて今日中に更新するって約束したから早速写真撮ったよ。これからの季節、大活躍になりそう :)

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  1. Zara is my favorite store ;) when I was in Tokyo I shopped there alot!!

    you seem to love it to. Its good quality but not to high price.

  2. I'm really a ZARA addict ;) In Japan, their price is ridiculously expensive but I cannot resit temptation of their items! <3


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