Outfit of the day: Feeling the sun behind

Necklace and Peacock ring: Forever21
Gold bracelet: TOPSHOP
Stone bracelet: present from John's parents (vacation in Sprain)
Long tail t-shirt: ZARA (last Summer)
Pale pink short denim: ZARA
Studded belt: UNIQLO
Sandals: Bershka

I'm in so love with the pale pink denim since John got me in the end of April. I even wish I could wear them for work haha. Nicely ripped and bleached surface, cuff, and not much too feminine color makes its perfection. And new and good purchase is the sandals by Bershka. I was looking so hard for hot looking sandals whose soles are made by wood, and now they're mine :) Since I wanted to wear the short denim and those sandals at the same time as to show new items, the studded belt seemed to be good to make a balance. 
This weekend was filled with lots of sunshine and I couldn't complain about the weather at all. ..Perfect weather, breeze, nice clothes, (now you know what I'm trying to say ;D), plenty of time for photo shooting, and no photographer who I can meet up with. When Haruka took those photos, she was about to leave to her friends and in a hurry (and kind of unhelpful like ehh..now? hurry up, ready? etc) and the results, I like them though, didn't come out as good as previous post. In 90% of shots of me, my eyes were closed, my alien size head and my swollen thick legs (yes, due to the lens position), and I was looking somewhere in a weird way.. So it was pretty hard for me to choose photos for this post this time. It's difficult to ask her to take photos for outfit posts when she's not in the mood for it haha. How do you ask your photographer when she/he is reluctant to do it?  
Anyhow, how was your weekend?  Hope you're having a great time for the rest of Sunday!

Edited /layered by Gerald Lim


  1. Very nice shorts great shoes and lovely ring :) Great Megumi! :)


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