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 Forever 21
 RUO (Harajuku, Tokyo)

Last Saturday, 14th, Cory and I hung out in Shibuya and Harajuku, Tokyo after his work. We walked through some vintage shops that were ridiculously expensive and yet so fun to look over, and came all the way to Harajuku by walk that actually didn't take much to get there.  Since it was Saturday, it was crowded everywhere and I excpeted that Takeshita Street where hundreds of shops packed in such a narrow place  would probably be hard to walk through. But once we started to go in, it wasn't as busy as I expected. In an accessory shop on Takeshita St., RUO, after Forever 21, I found those amazing skull rings that I immediately thought I'd be wearing often for following outfits and then bought them for my first skull ring collection. ..Cool. One has skeleton hands holding the skull and the other has a bullet (just my expression. red stone) converted in the eye bone dragged after the scar which starts from top of the head. :) I just love them and believe I'd pay a lot more attention to skull accessories from now on. Not really scary ones though. rings sort of like Alexander Mc Queen creats. For some reason I've been obsessed with skull lately maybe because of my favorite fashion bloggers. I basically don't copy or collect items that someone has but this time is exception :) hehe Do you like them?

Edited by Gerald Lim
After looking through every single shops on the street (actually we didn't make it even 20 shops. but we stopped by many shops for sure), we went to a British style bar, HUB where I used to go with my classmates as I was a college student. The tropical looking cocktail was first one I drank. Grabbed fish and chips that he recommended me for the first try (I never tried that before.) and rice paper rolls with king salmon & cheddar cheese in the 3rd photo. It was so much fun time chilling out with my best friend..
Hope your weekend was awesome!



  1. great pictures ! i love the skull jewellery .. i am a huge fan of mcqueen


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