Sunday Look 5/15 Sunlight shower like JACQUARD

Edited by Gerald Lim
  3. SANDALS :Bershka

It was a perfect sunny day to take photos outside. I couldn't stay inside home even though it was nicely breezy and warm out. Haruka and I went to the park near my house after getting her bed cover and some snack. Kids were playing, a couple was pushing their baby carriage having smiles on their  faces, and an elderly guy was on his bike singing in the sun.. It all looked so peaceful and filled with love and joy. 

A while ago, I got a new friend, Gerald, who lives in Singapore and is a freelance photographer. He is pretty easy to talk to, open-minded, and so talented in what he works on. This time he edited the first 4 photos that I am in. I love all the results he created and am amazed at how he edited them like intensifying colors, removing image noise that makes objects obscure/blurred, and choosing (knowing) what really matches the photo depending on its atmosphere. He really is a pro photographer. ..and has Nikon SLR that I really wanttt!!! Anyhow, please check his work here (also by his name above). Really wish he lives close to me. We've been great friends, talked a lot every single day, and yet never met each other for real. I've finally got a great friend who is a photographer but he's too far! I need him for my photo shooting!



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