Under Cherry Blossom Pink-OOTD Outfit of the day

I found why Japanese Cherry blossom is the best in the world. It always attracts everyone there without any message and makes us stare at it for a long time. The connection between Japanese and cherry blossom has uncountable things to tell, which is beautiful. Each and every single flower start blooming fully and show us perfect Spring view in a split second. And then it all fades away gracefully without an instant's hesitation. How they're blown away looks sad but when cherry blossoms are whirling around in the air, such a wonderful baby pink carpet shows up on the ground performing like Spring pink snow above our head. The cherry blossoms in all their glory and a good grace of fading is its perfection. 

Khaki sleeve less jk: unbranded
Salopetts: unbranded
Denim outer: ZARA
Sandals: unbranded

It was such a beautiful and fun day. Hope you're having a beautiful Spring weekend! 


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