Sunday Look 4/3 Gray outfit for Chilly day

It's got pretty chilly today. Yesterday was such a Spring day that was full of warmth and my sister and I took hundreds of  photos under the Cherry blossom trees. So all of us today stayed home all day and I asked her to help me photo shooting hehe. I'd been thinking I gotta do outfit with the Esprit bag that John gave me as a present while it's still new collection of my wardrobe, so here goes.. Let me know what you think of my outfit :) Actually I was thinking of what to match with the bag last 2 weeks and today I finally made it. I could've done it with the bag last week but I totally forgot about making look with it anyway. How would you make your look if you had one in that kind of color: nude, beige, grayed khaki?

My most favorite color!
isn't it cute? :D I love you more than cake!

Gray blazer, Pink tee, gray legging-pants: UNIQLO
Handbag: ESPRIT
flats: unbranded

I hope your weekend went fantastic with a bunch of smiles :)


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