Shower Robe for Summer!! #1

What do you wear when you get into bed in Summer?Pajamas? Sweats? or Bed robes? 
From today, I am starting posting shower/bed robes from time to time. It wouldn't be posted every weekend but I surely put photos of my night look (OF COURSE NOT sexy or ever nasty one! of course.) once a weeks or something. This time, I picked up the colorful stripe robe which is on fashion right now. I bought it last summer though. I always like wearing this because it's made of coarse cloth exactly the same as towel material and it is thicker. This robe was at an import shop in Tokyo and the tag says TEINTE DE FIL. sounds like French brand but I'm not sure haha
If you like it, keep checking my robe look beside outfits' posts! :D


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