Transformation? :D Growing up

After I got home tonight and finished easy dinner, I found pictures of me taken years and years ago. And I thought it would be fun to compare all of them to how I am right now, 22 years old.
This is, of course, me taken when I was 1 and half year old and taken just 2 weeks ago. I couldn't find the same posture that the little "me" smiling tilting my head to compare current picture in my PC.
Even only this picture is ok enough to compare me both in the past and present but I put some pictures last 2 years here. I can't believe how I've got changed xD..

lol bald? or no hair. before or after 1 year old

1993 Winter: 4 years old, my brother: 3 yrs old

1995 Winter: 6 years old

2008 Summer: see Chubby19 year old me! haha
* they really were just friends that I met on the way to work at that time and hung out a few times after work*
 haha...I was so chubby :D Look at my arm! awe lol The blond boy was from Germany and the black guy was from France. I have no idea what has become of two anymore since then.

 2009 Summer: 20 years old

2009 Winter

2010 Spring, Summer: 21 years old
makeup geek started.

2011: 22yrs old

Hope you enjoyed it! 


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