Tonight's dessert: macaron and half-baked castella

I've been kind of crazy about macaron these days. Even after I finished work this evening, I walked all the way back to the convenience store in which stands near my company to see if they have good macarons in the cold rain. It's got back so cold outside and has been rainy all day long today. It even snowed this afternoon. Yesterday, it went up to 19 degrees in Tokyo so we have minus 14 degrees today. 
When I got off at the station, my sister picked me up to take me to a department store with her. I ended up  helping her choose her Spring coat, but I could find these pretty macarons near the entrance.

They are simply pretty. I think the invention of macaron must be innovation of sweets! hehe
I personally, simply, madly love macarons!!
This is half-baked Castella which is chocolate flavor and is the same kind of plain one. (

Hope you're having a happy Monday!


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