On Friday night, I took John to ZEST in Ebisu, Tokyo. They have really good Mexican and American food. Last weekend my good friend Akko took me there and I found that it was totally like a restaurant that I went to in the states. The owner is from Turkey and some of the staffs are from other countries.
It looks cool on the outside.
 The 1st floor is mostly for reserved seats so we came up to the 2nd floor where you can see the whole interior.
First one we ordered was Fresh guacamole. Guacamole is an avocado based-dip which is mashed with garlic, salt, and onion. Some recipes mix it with tomato and/or seasonings.  
He had Non-alcohol drink which was Coconut&Mango juice and I had Mint Mojito (Mountain dew with some mint leaves laid at the bottom of the glass ).

Cobb salad! That was so delicious! Last time I came here, one of the waiters told us how Cobb salad contrived. The restaurant's owner, Robert Howard Cobb couldn't stand hunger and randomly grabbed ingredients in the fridge and this salad invented. And there's a continuance..at the night in his restaurant there was Sid Grauman who was a manager of Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Cobb had Sid try the salad and he liked it. In some days Sid came to Cobb's restaurant and ordered the salad, which came to be one of the menu and got popular from California to all the states since then..

For the main dish, we had Avocado burger. Mmmmm.. was awesome!!! You can change toppings but I chose avocado without looking at others

Soo stuffed.. You'd definitely like ZEST. If you have chance to come to Tokyo, I'd take you there!
Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. All of that food looks so delicious!! Nice post


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