Cosmetics for Spring '11

New cosmetics coming to new season always get people's attention and we want to know what really is going to be hot.
This morning, some remarkable products were on Mezamashi TV which is one of the biggest TV stations in Japan.
It was all about new Spring cosmetic items from BOBBI BROWN, RMK, GIVENCHY, ELEGANCE, and PAUL&JOE BEAUTE.

Pretty Pallet & Powerful Pallet
From the left side of the pallets: Eyeshadow, cheek color, gloss.
What would you start with? Eyeshadow? The order to apply is from lip gloss and then cheek powder and eyeshadow. Not to make it a loud makeup it's started from your lips, which controls the total blance and helps you make sweet, feminine, and Spring-worthy fresh look.
Crayon&Powder eyes
This has a crayon on the left side and cue tip-like pen that has eyeshow inside on the right side. Use the crayon side to apply the color onto your crease first and switch into the cue tip side to apply eyeshadow blending out the harsh line. The eyeshadow is soft metallic look so that you can get lustrous eyes.

Jelly Blush
It contains 87% water and includes moisturizing essence. You can make from vivid pink to sweetly blushing color on your cheek.

Paul&Joe Face Color Kit. The cheek powder caught me eyes. I really like the color! It looks like cherry blossoms' petals. 

Elegance fabulous lips. This gloss looks perfectly beautiful and makes you hesitant to break these frame designs on the pallet.

Why don't we try these to get Spring feminine face?
Check each of those sites and let's get more attention ;)


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