Coming St. Valentine's Day Chocolate Collection #1 GODIVA

St. Valentine's day's come at the corner. In Japan, women give her husbands or boyfriends special chocolate which is handmade. But giving him gorgeous chocolate is also popular. Many brands have sold their new chocolate for St. Valentine's day 2011 and I want to share which one people have paid attention to after new year days.
GODIVA's been on their commercial quite often these days. Their new chocolate series that caught our eyes should be on top of Valentine's chocolate ranking.
Godiva keep sake heart
Well selected chocolates in the luxurious metal heart-shaped box. This collection is a limited design for 2011 V-day. Though the hearted box is gorgeous enough, these chocolates are also perfectly beautiful, highly valued, noble and eye-catchy.

I would rather get this for myself than get him one he he he or..would ask him to give me the box back after he finishes having them ;P it's too cute to waste

One Heart, Two Flavors
2 different flavors layered and come out as new face. 2011 limited chocholate is here, Duo GODIVA.
They melt into one and make sweet harmonies.

Duo Godiva Strawberry and Hazelnutthe outer shell is made of strawberry ganache and dark chocolate.
hazelnut-praline and white chocolate inside.
Duo Godiva Green apple & AlmondThe outer shell is made of Green apple ganache and milk chocolate
Almond paste and white chocolate inside
Duo Godiva Blackberry & PistachioThe outer shell is made of blackberry ganache and white chocolate.
Pistachio paste and white chocolate inside
Duo Godiva Banana & HazelnutThe outer shell is made of banana ganache and dark chocolate
Hazelnut praline and white chocolate inside.

All of these look so gorgeous!
Hope you'll have a great day!           


  1. I'm craving chocolate now!! :p


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