Half-Baked sponge cake-Castella

Tonight, my mom brought half-baked Castella home, which is by Syumpoo. Castella is a traditional Japanese sponge cake made of egg, flour, sugar, and starch syrup, very common at festivals and as a street food.
and what we had this time is HALF baked which feels good and sticky on the tongue.

Normal Castella looks like this photo down below..

and this one is what I had tonight ;) Cut it into pieces with a knife and....xD

Ta-dah! Yummmm<3 It starts to melt in your mouth as soon as it touches your tongue.

 Having it with some tea, coffee, or green tea. I really wish I could've had it with you all ^ ^*
When you come to Tokyo and have chance to hang out with me, let's have this. I'd so much love to share it with you!
I hope you had a happy Valentine's day and you're doing great.


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