Newcomer Born In Japan: LOAVES

Since they made a debut ceremony in November 2010, LOAVES has been launching more and more fashion lines which center on S and G concepts. "S" line derived from "Sweet", "Soft", and "Sensitive" offering honey sweet look . "G" line is from "Glamorous", "Gorgeous", and "Grabby" for wicked aggressive cool look.
Besides clothing, they have imported items from London, Los Angels, and other places to widen their lines and offer you more creative coordination for your fashion look. They have online store too-->

So LOAVES will be opened on 5th March in Shibuya, TOKYO!!!!

Next to the building, FOREVER 21 stands and there's COACH in front of these. And you'll see ZARA after 30 second walk from there. I am so excited for their opening! 


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