Sunday Breakfast

After snuggling with the crescent hot water bag in my warm bed, I woke up in 10 hours this morning. Looking up the clock that showed 12:00pm, it made me think I finally got to plenty of sleep for the first time in 2 weeks. As to have enough energy to hang out with my guy on weekends, sleeping in every Sunday is getting important lately. Luckily his flight schedule for this month is on every weekend, which is very convenient for me to spend much time with him. When he comes to Japan on weekdays, we only have 3 hours to stay together in the city after my work.

Looking in the fridge, I grabbed 2 eggs and my favorite olive oil from the kitchen shelf. Though there was a delicious meat sauce and some spaghetti which are leftover of last dinner, I wasn't in the mood for it as breakfast haha.
So I made scrambled egg with the a little of meat sauce on. 

After thinking of my breakfast, I've decided to make a post of every Sunday breakfast from today and this is the first one :) *Click on these for bigger size.

I've been trying to have yogurt every morning since last month besides 100% fruit juice. Yogurt is effective for pollen allergy. I have to learn how yogurt works to reduce pollen allergy symptoms but some studies show that eating yogurt daily can significantly reduce allergy attacks resulting from pollens. My aunt who is my dad's younger sister and used to have horrible allergy with pollen, dust, and house-tick etc kept eating yogurt everyday for 1 year and now the allergy is gone and she never blows her nose anymore. After that she told me her story and knew yogurt is effective to reduce its symptoms.  

Not to let coffee get cold, while I don't drink it for a little while, I use the silicon lid by Francfranc.
They have other pretty colors online. Please check one at 
Hope you're having a great Sunday!


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