Having another warmth

I met up with my boyfriend, John last Friday after my work.
Finding him who is waiting for me at the station, saying "hi" to each other, holding tight, and looking at each other's face and asking "how are you?" with big smiles on our face... this is what we always do as a first greeting, which starts a fantastic moment even for a short time. Now I'm feeling things what we normally do should be so precious and that you can't ever get back. My thought has changed a little by little lately and I am trying to cherish every second as I get older.

This morning. From the window of our hotel near Narita Airport. It was bright sunny morning..
I like when sunlight floods in the room as I open doors in front of the window (it completely intercepts sunlight , heat, cold air from outside).

This time, he and I went to an Italian restaurant in Ebisu. This time I missed taking pictures there! :S but surely next time I will! and after that we went back to Shibuya to get some breads from ANDERSEN shop at the basement of Tokyu department store and then finally came back to Narita by train. 
Coming back to the room of our hotel near the airport, he gave me some presents as always that was fantastic.
1st one: Milka chocolate. This package is for wish and fortune. 'cause I became 22 years old..? ;)

 Looking at the other side of the box. Though now I got used to seeing several languages printed on one side at once, in Europe, almost all packages of any stuff have languages that people speak in Europen countries.
on the top of information, D is for German (Deutsch), A is for Austrian, and CH is.....where? Switzerland.
Bigger box has more languages on.

2nd one: Crescent Hot-watter bottle! 
This is so cute... Since I told him my feet get cold so badly in Winter, he got me this not to feel cold in the bed.
So sweet.
 A little bag which is a bit bigger than the bottled water. It kept me so warm until this morning!
Danke Schön, Schatzi!!! I'll definitely use it every night.

and from last time: a little bear holding a heart

You're such a sweet guy John!
I can see he's always doing his best to make me happy. Surprisingly he never fails to bring me small presents when we meet up since we got to know each other 1 year ago. I am always happy enough even if there's no gift for me but I cannot help expecting if he gets me something again...Making someone happy doesn't necessarily come from buying many things and giving money. but I noticed this is related to the feeling that he wants to make me even happier and smile from his gifts, thus presents to make someone you love happier should be necessity and do strengthen the love. As everyone knows, between a boyfriend and a girlfriend or a wife and a husband, the feeling of love comes first and things come next. but these two can be joined..the feeling you want to give him/her presents and see his/her smile comes out naturally I think.
Too bad I haven't gotten many things for him while I have much stuff every time. lol ..
If my way to express feeling is different from how he does, I wonder what mine is like.....who knows? even though I don't even know my own way. but I do know how much he means to me and I love him. 

This morning, he went back to Germany. He is a guy who I never want to lose in my life and I can swear I can be with for the rest of my life. 
Telling him what I think of him by mouth is sometimes weaker than writing down. I hope this goes out into him. Ich liebe dich sehr Jan und du bist alles für mich.
Küss mich xoxoxoxo
Deine Schatz, meg


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