Full of Love on My 22nd Birthday

Today was my 22nd birthday which is the day before St. Valentine's day he he he
I can't believe I already became 22 years old... and how fast time goes. As I feel it was fast and short until I got older since I was a little kid.
This berry tart is what my MOM made for me!!! Thanks mom!! I love you so much as always...and I am here today thanks to you.

I know how hard my mom has been working so much to manage to live since she and my dad divorced. My brother's stopped going to school in other prefecture which is far from Tokyo and doesn't have any work and stay at his apartment all the time..playing with his car. and my sister's quit high school last year and made lots lots lots of problems with some guys and had sex disease etc etc... Every time something happens either to him or her, my mom has to worry about them and tries to fix these problems. My dad who has to send my mom budget after their divorce to take care of my sister and brother has also been so desperate to make his life in the prefecture where my brother lives in..I know he can't afford to send her money at all. I don't think he doesn't have to send it to her just because he's poor, but I can do what he's supposed to do for her as long as I am here.
So to support my mom, I always am gladly here for here! She's sunshine in my house and things wouldn't keep going without her.. My mom is who I really respect and feel proud to have as my mom!


I really am feeling much love because of my awesome people. No matter how far you all are from Japan where I am, I've received all of your birthday wishes...
Many of my special friends send me "Happy Birthday" messages on my phone, Facebook, and other email.
Let me say thanks for everyone here!
Thank you so much for messages from friends! I am very loved and fortunate to have you all in my life.
"Print screen"ed one page on FB just because it looked so cool! I love you guys so much!!! I'm feeling happy to have great people in the world!
and more!

What surprised me was a pretty hair band by BEAMS from my good friend, Akko.
She gave this to me at work on last Thursday (Fridays was national holiday which was a day off). This would look pretty and so girlie with one piece dress! I'll definitely use it at work sometime soon. Thanks so much Akko!
Hope you all are having a great weekend and Valentine's day!
Loved meg


  1. Hey hunni R<3 Thanks so much! Hope you're having a great and a bunch of smiles! Happy Valentine's day *hugs*


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