St.V-Day's Sweets #3 By Pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris

When it comes to sweets, Sadaharu Aoki must be one of the greatest patisseries who are talked about. He's won the first prize many times in Paris. Not to mention all of his sweets are amazingly delicious and wonderful enough to be special gift for St. Valentine's day, Birthday, Christmas and any other events. I do believe anyone would start loving it once it's bitten ;)
When I went to Tokyo Midtown one day, I found his shop in there. This is where it is!--->
 His boutiques---->>
In JapanMarunouchi, Shinjuku Isetan, Tokyo Midtown.
In Paris  : boutique Seur, boutique Vaugirard, boutiquePort Royal and Lafayette Gourmet

So what I recommend from his collections is going to be 4 kinds of chocolates and some remarkable sweets as my suggestion.

Bonbons chocolat
This is one of the most popular and famous sweets of him. He got inspired by cosmetic pallets that all women use for makeup and created this chocolat.  Each of these has strong and impressive fruit flavor.

Macarons coated with chocolat by Domori, Italy.

Sablé choc chocolat
Sablé chocolat coated with chocolat by Domori, Italy with pop-cutie pattern on.

Cakes and Macarons-------------------------------------------------------*
The cake named Valencia is limited design for V-day '11.
It is wicked pretty! I never saw such a huge heart chocolate on a cake before. This cake is definitely for girls! Why not get it for this time?

Tarte aux fruits rouges
Berries dropped down on the tart and came out this fantastic sweets here. Mmm I wonder where to bite.. :)

and other cakes..

King of Macaron
I have to call it King of Macaron... and I must tell you these here. Coming across Sadaharu Aoki's macaron changed the impression for it that I had had before. Once my teeth went in, the perfect scent came out. Sooo amazing. I kept screaming it's awesome and delicious for a while. he he he Though I'm always looking for macarons at any place and try them, I cannot find ones better than these macaron. I do think Aoki's is best!

This is when I first got them at Tokyo Midtown.
Please try them if you find Pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris in Tokyo or Paris. 

Thanks so much for spending your time! Hope you're having a great weekend!


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