Finding German Restaurant in Shibuya

I didn't know there's a German restaurant in Shibuya where I come every single day. My friend Akko and I found it while walking around to look for the cafe last Thursday. And I decided to invite John for Friday's dinner.

Like other places besides the cafe where Akko and I came the day before, this restaurant was also hideaway looking and the entrance was at basement floor. Going downstairs carefully, John and I found a big map of Germany and an old drawing on the wall. He looked even happier since we found this place and German stuff around :)

We could see many ads of German wine both outside and inside this restaurant. The waitress later told us they have so many kinds of wine that they bought in Germany and offered cheaper price than local ones here. And she recommended us to have it next time. (We didn't have any alcohol this night.)

Both of us had sparkling water for the first drink. As you may know, they serve you sparkling water as you have still one here. You'd get this kind of water unless you ask them for still one.

The interior design looked like an old bar that had become popular in '80s-'90s and this place is still lasting as it used to be. this is my thought though :)

And these are what we had.

With the cold shot glass, let's drink Underberg. It helps your stomach digest smoothly. But I'd rather have just tea than this kind of These always make me cough so bad haha! and this time too.

We'd definitely come here sometime soon! I was glad I could find this place before John came :D It was great dinner! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.


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