Another exit offers a fun adventure

On Thursday, my friend, Akko, and I went to a cafe that we found in magazine about cofe of Shibuya, Tokyo. We had decided to go to the cafe where we went this time earlier this week and made sure where it's located. But it was because we had to use another exit of Shibuya station which we almost never use at all and it's settled in basement of the building, it took us much time until we finally found it. She was holding the map the whole time and trying to figure out how to get there, while I was just following her. but I was a photographer at that time hehe.

There were so many things and places that we never new. Compared to Hachiko-exit where lots of people meet up and I always use, East exit where Akko and I used this time had different atmosphere at all. It was quiet and most shops and restaurant were so hideaway. It was out of our business but we were wondering how they live off their savings lol. I wonder how people find those places and how these show up over magazine.

Brim, where we were looking for, was such a cozy cafe.

We kept talking for a long time. She was such a nice listener. I told her about what I've been thinking for my future and stuff and she gave me much of advice and how to deal with all that. Even though she's 12 years older and me, I always feel free to talk to her as I'm with my same-age friends. She and I are actually working in the same office and our desks are side by side. So we usually talk a lot even at work.
But chilling out together separated from work feels different and special, doesn't it? :D
These were what we had.

They all look yummy don't they? :9 We had so much fun time together. We gotta think about other cafes for new adventure soon. The cafe we came this time was "brim" located in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Hope all of you have a great weekend! 


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