1/21 Brazilian Restaurant on Date

Finding somewhere new is fun. Since John and I decided to meet up on 21st, Friday night, I was being excited whole day at work hehe.. I was browsing restaurants at Shibuya, Tokyo, for dinner and found a Brazilian restaurant near H&M in which I go to a LOT. wonder why I'd never noticed them until today...
I didn't failed to bring my digital camera on the night 'cause I was definitely doing to post here! I actually couldn't take many pictures there but these are how it looks..
We had buffet.

They give you this card. showing the green side, all staffs keep bringing you many kinds of  meat.
Lamb, many parts of beef, pork, chicken.
If you're stuffed or you don't want meat for now, turn it over and show red side which means no more meat!
and then they bring baked onion and other veges. 

 I made this salad :P Mmmm I love Olive!

 You don't need to put any seasonings especially on the pork on the right side. Amazingly tender and originally  sweet.

This is when he brought baked onion and how he does.. Watch out!

Brazilian pudding which was great! Once you put it in your mouth, it melts x)))

Last dessert. He brought bakes pineapple. It was super super sweet! (Of course, no sugar) heating boosted up its sweetness.

This is where that is. TUCANO'S LUNCH. why not try??

Chillin' out until the train comes..


And right before we went to the hotel at Narita
At a coffee shop. xxxxoxoxo  my sweetie!
This hotel is getting like our 2nd home day by day. I feel comfort here :)

It was so much more beautiful than this shows but I like it.

Some hours before he went back to Paris.

It was so much fun! Love*


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