Must-Eat Things besides too famous yummies in GERMANY

Seeing very different things and finding something new on the trip should be so much fun. When I went to Germany, there were so many things to eat that I never saw in Japan like it happened to me in the states.
The difference of snacks and groceries between the U.S. and Germany (and  other European countries, too) is, I think, its package design, sweetness, ingredients, seasonings, combination of ingredients and so on.
Even eating the same thing such as bread, hot dog, and chocolate in Germany, they tastes different in the states. This is interesting.
I want to list today what was great to have for snacks on German trip last Summer besides very famous yummy dishes.
What surprised me at the grocery store was a part of chocolate section.
I couldn't film the whole chocolate shelf there since it was too long and big! ALL CHOCOLATE <3 MMM

 John's mom told me to have German cake while I was there. So when we came to Frankfurt, we came up to the top floor where some cafe gathered to have a good cake after shopping.

Pretzel!! I have to recommend this for when you make a trip to Europe. A good-salted big Pretzel tastes so yummy. I couldn't forget how it tasted in my mouth x)
 German bread is one of the most famous foods that everyone knows. John recommended me to have it for breakfast for the next day so I chose some different kinds of it. This shop was at Frankfurt and I took a picture of this when we walked by.

 We had some breads for breakfast.

I never saw such a huge HARIBO in Japan. Who could finish that big bucketed gummies?? hehe
 I still remember when I made a very first bite on this....GERMAN SAUSAGE ROCKS!

 That was just amazing delicious sausage that I met for the first time in my life. There's no other words to express that. Bite it, you get it. :)

 Trying different menu at McDonald's and other fast food places should also be fun. This was at McDonald's and its Mc Cafe menu: Italian Bagel.
I missed having it unfortunately but it does look so delicious doesn't it??

To show the proof that I really went to Germany hehe
This was at Rüdesheim am Rhein.

Hope you're having great Friday! Have a fantastic weekend <3


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