Pizza Makes My New Year Holidays?!

I don't know why I've been having pizza everyday since 30th December 2010. But all pizza is perfectly great. I had "first" pizza by Domino's for dinner on 30th, 2nd was special Italian party course by Napoli's Oven , and 3rd one was tonight's new year dinner with my grandma at MAR DE NAPOLI.

Guess..Pizza might have something like..a hint to expand my vision this year or I might be able to get chance to make my dreams come true from hahah no way..  Anyway though we had a great dinner at MAR DE NAPOLI tonight. I come here often just because their pizza is really really good!!! No Pizza delivery can beat this Pizzeria. I do believe this for 100% confidence.
The exterior.

 The Interior.

These chefs have well trained in Italy for months. Once you come in, you'll see many pictures of them with Italian cooks and certificates/qualification.

Enjoy photos!

 sis n I

 just bein' silly. Wii R shitty Silly.

"oh. my. god."
 Quattro Formaggio: Mozzarella, Ricotta, and Gorgonzola cheese. 


Japanese Orange icecream


So so so great pizza anyway! I'm so glad that I could have their pizza from the very beginning of the year. haha 
Their cakes are also great. Even if you get stuffed, once you see them you'd definitely want one of these. 
 We bought them home.

It was so much great all day today as a starter of new year. 
 Hope you're having so much fun too :)
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