Hang Out with My Buddy! 1/2 2011

Chillin' out with one of my best friends is so much fun. Especially when they're guys. Everyone (female friends) says talking to guy friends (like classmates etc) feels more relaxing than talking to girls (the same sex) because in general girls unconsciously care about how the other girl feels or reacts to what girls say. Or girls are way more sensitive to what they ARE said from girls-the same sex- than guys feel. Some even show hostility toward the other. And I totally agree with this though I don't ever show hostility. Guys are more honest with their friends than girls are and more direct about what they think and feel, which I like a lot. So a few of my best friends are guys and I hung out with one of them.
Too bad is he's got changed a lot lately. He often asks me to help him choose clothing to look better and I always have to go all the way to Harajuku or Shibuya, Tokyo. This is when he's looking for good gloves and debating if he should get them whose fingers off to use iPhone. He didn't get them after all..
The fashion look he's been wanting to be is Tokyo swinger (?) men style called Gyaruo which I do HATE! ha
Like thaaaatt ....

All guys are of course not like them but sadly we have this kind of guys over here.... and this is what he's wanting to be though he's Canadian.
Why he wants to be like these shi*t? "Wanna be popular with Gyaru :P" (Beat him)
Gyaru is like that.

They match each other, don't they? :D
When I found him at Shibuya, it made me laugh and couldn't stop giggling until I talked to him. "What the hell is this look???
First we went to a big book store to find "Gyaruo" magazine to see how to change his look more like them. And then went to clothing shop to get gloves and cool bags that would match gyaruo style.
I was saying like "What happened to you??" "pleeeeeeeaase. stop it. now is ok but don't get worse!" .. At least he looks Okay for now. I'm just hoping his look doesn't go crappy.

"Oh hey look at this shirt. looks like a host one in a club chatting with girls (I call 'em bit*h)."
 About Gyaruo look, I don't know much about how to coordinate clothing though I know what doesn't suit it. This is when he found a rumpled shirt which is shiny. I was just quiet.

Looking for a pouch.

Please don't go Gyaruo buddy. 
He now even uses hair straightener, wears accessories, and incomprehensible tail on the side of his thigh.

<--------- ???
 When I had my camera toward him. "Wait. my hair is messed." 
Who cares.
Wearing the pouch after dinner. ...-_-..

Basically, though Gyaru doesn't like and get close to foreigners 'cause they can't speak English and don't try to get along with foreigners. Things that I like him about are his personality, honesty, innocence, and his face like Greek sculpture. 
Even if his fashion style changes, his personality never changes as I felt yesterday. 
Except for his fashion look, I had so much fun :P I gotta keep my eyes on him not to let him go worse.
Love ya buddy,


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