Happy New Year To Anyone

Happy New Year! The year 2011 finally came! I'm so excited to see how my 22nd year would go. I'll definitely make much progress as first step of my new life. Feeling warm brilliant sunlight on my face this morning, I went downstairs and saw my sister and mom at the kitchen. People on TV are broadcasting this new year morning and it made me feel even more that 2010 was already over. Last year run so fast for me and I start wondering what I've done... maybe some stuff but not much for sure. So I've decided that I'd be different this year!
After relaxing for some hours until noon, we started preparing for visiting my grandma who lives 20 min away from our house. 
When we got there, there was my uncle (my mom's younger bro.) with her. All of us started to have traditional new year dishes called Osechi.

 Fresh Crab

All together

The word Osechi means "a feast for new year". Typical osechi includes rolled kelp, mashed sweet potato with chestnut, sweetened black soybeans, teriyaki style small dried sardines, fried burdock root, fish cakes, salted herring roe, rolled sweet omelet and so on. Each dish has a blessed meaning such as happiness, prosperity, long life etc. These food are prepared during the last few days of December and beautifully arranged in tiered lacquered boxes so that housewives don't have to worry about cooking during the New Year holidays.

After this, my sis and I found something to be silly. *don't take it seriously. we were just being real silly*


I know we could also be dork..

Hope you're having such a great New Year holidays!
xoxo with love!


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