1/16 Skillet Lazagna

My sister and I were planning to make a delicious lasagna for Sunday dinner to surprise our mom. But I ended up making it from A to Z while she was watching me cooking..I started to make white sauce listening to Akon "Freedom" he he he
Lasagna is, I think, one of the easiest yummy dishes that everyone makes as a homemade meal. Though it takes a little bit of time till finishing, it looks full of love and warmth from who makes it..
Mine was good so far, though I didn't use meat at all..
Let me share what I did!
Since I didn't make it Cooked white sauce at the grocery store (totally forgot to buy), I had to make it from melting butter.

*White Sause*
Butter 60g

Flour 60g
Milk 1 Liter
Black pepper and salt to taste.
After melting butter, add flour in separately on low heat. As you know flour for white sauce is too easy to get brown, which means it's not a good result... Please make sure not to let it brown. Also add milk separately in the flour and make it a little thin sauce. Scatter black pepper and salt to taste.

Lasagna 12 sheets
Meat sauce 280g
Canned whole tomato 400g (I used bottled tomato sauce)
White sauce 1200g
Butter 20g
Sliced cheese 200g
A pinch of Parsley 
Apply butter throughout the oven-proof glass. This time I prepared 2 glasses because the Barilla package had 12 pieces of lasagna pastas.

Tomato sauce and meat sauce mixed.

 1.Lasagna, 2 Tomato sauce, 3, white sauce, and 4, cheese

On the 2nd heat-proof glass, I put genovese on tomato sauce. that comes out so good!

Finishing cheese, leave them for 20-30 minutes to absorb water inside pastas. This prevents it from getting watery while baking in the oven.
Preheat oven 200c. 
Put them into the oven to cook for 30 min. It starts boiling partially and gets brown.

Until this, how I did seems normal and nothing so wrong..
Guess what!!!!

I completely forgot we don't have an oven here! haha ha!

After I made all done and these were ready to bake, my sister, Haruka, asked me 
"Hey are you able to cook them in the microwave?"

Zee!! that was microwave! not oven. (Our microwave and oven look similar. not fixed under the kitchen sink in Western countries.)
I was speechless for the moment and decided to use a big skillet.

 How is this? This actually doesn't look bad, does this? :D

I found out that we can make lasagna even if you don't have an oven! :D hehe Keep lower heat and the skillet lid on to cook for 40 minutes. Check if pastas heated well by using a toothpick or chopstick and see if ingredients aren't stuck on.

One piece. Mmmm steamyy!

All went great at the end :)


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