still far till you see the sun.

 Things are spinning.

You'd been sad but trying to look strong and fine no matter how hard your life had been.because you didn't want to make your family and friends worried and didn't want to be a headache in people.

"I'm strong. so I'm alright..
I can take it"

You were working on things to make your people happy 
You were pushing the hard time down inside your mind.
and you were smiling the whole time..

What you've done is so great and you've worked well.

Where's your happiness?
You might've left it somewhere in the past because you were desperate to fix things up and set up stuff well to make the life good for the moment.
It's wonderful and amazing how strongly and hardly you've worked on all the stuff

and now it's your turn to pursuit your happiness!
You deserve to be happy without any worry and fear.

 all is starting to get better like a butterfly gets ready to fly in the sky.
 because you've reached the worst.

How could it be worse anymore?

Feel breeze on your hair and cheek with your eyes closed.
Birds are chirping and flowers are sending you their scent.

Jump in the sky and catch your happiness!
You won't fall.



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