Wonderful 2 Hour Date

I had such a great time with Jan (I call him John) tonight. After my work finished, I rushed to the station near my office and found him looking for me in the coldness.
Though I lost my muffler last night at a year-end party with all my coworkers and was feeling quite cold, now I'm feeling so warm because...

He got me this giraffe pattern fluffy muffler at GAP store. This is so warm that I wouldn't get freezing air anymore :) I was going to buy it of course, but he bought me this after all :S He pays for meals always and even for stuff that I need to buy. It makes me feel bad 'cause I feel like I don't do anything for him. What did I do for him before??? Have I done something for him and did it make him feel like I do now? I really don't think I have...just because I never have done anything yet...
I know things are not only money stuff and getting him/her presents a lot, but ...when I say I love him, wonder if it sounds simple 'cause he buys me stuff that I wanted.

And as he always does, he gave me some presents this time. First one is a glass of Mercedes Benz!

This Fall he bought Benz. So..this is why he got me this hoping I'd like it? :D Sure, this is so cool *thumb's up*

Bath Salt by Kneipp. I have to say loudly that THIS SALT DOES AMAZINGLY WORKS!!!!

I was so much surprised when I first used one of these. It kept me real warm for hours and it lasted until I finally went into my bed in hours. So I told him Kneipp is awwwwweesome! then he got me 5 of them lol John.... you such a sweetie. *sigh x)*

How he wraps this is just adorable. He put some of cookie assortment in the plastic bag and made a ribbon. Imagine that your boy making sweet package for you by himself. It should definitely be cute!
I'm having one of them right now while typing this at the same time :D

Thanks so much for them and coming all the way to the station near my office to pick me up. There's no word any other than thank you but I wish I could know better way to appreciate everything you do for me!
I love you more than you think I do!
Ich liebe dich sehr Jan und Du machst mich so gl├╝cklich!
Deine meg


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