Vanessa Hadgens Inspired Eyes with ZARA Knit wear

Since I wrote here that I'd make new post today with the knit I bought on Friday at ZARA, it kept me thinking what kind of makeup would be good with it. Looking through gossips magazine this morning, I found Vanessa Hadgens with fascinating pretty makeup and all black hair.

She's actually one of my fav. celebrities. She has a shining smile and attractive eyes and natural dark hair like my hair is :D so I should say I was looking for some celebrity that I get inspired by and a good makeup would suit the knit at the same time..
Anyhow, this is what I did.

As far as I looked at the picture on the magazine, she wears brownish warm orange or orangish-red on her lids. So for that color I mainly use NYX pallet.
If you're interested in how I did this, please keep reading!

Grab "Aloha" of NYX trio eyeshadow pallet on a pencil brush to apply all over the lid. This color is a little pinkish light beige or shimmer pearl color. I thought it helps warmer color over this base e/s come out better. If you don't have this color, substitute "Shroom" (Soft beige with shimmer) by MAC.

Now on the same brush, take reddish brown e/s by L'OREAL. Substitute Sable (Gold-plum w/bronze pearl) by MAC. Apply from the outer corner of the crease (underneath the brow bone) to the middle of it. Make sure not to put too much of this shadow especialy the middle of your crease. Gently blend it out like the picture.

You're gonna go into "Jazzy Bronze" by NYX on the brush or ,if you want, an angle brush, and then put into the inner corner blending it up. This is pretty pigmented so adjust the color on your hand before applying it. Substitute Sushi Flower (Pinky-coral with pink shimmer) by MAC.

Go back to the reddish brown of L'OREAL with an angle brush, and apply underneath the lower lash line up to the inner corner. You should still be careful not to have this color too much, or it'll be kind of sickly look lol hehe

On the same angle brush, take "Deep Bronze" by NYX. Substitute Woodwinked by MAC. Bring this shadow from the end of the lid down to the lash line. As Vanessa doesn't put much brown on her lid, we don't want to make it too dark. Remain the inner corner with no eyeshadow.

Grab Pearl Brown eyeliner by VIVO (can be BIBO?) to line above lashes and also underneath until well colored. Put lines backward (from the middle of the lid to the end).

And then blend out the harsh line well with the angle brush. Do above and underneath lishline.

I think, on the Vanessa picture, one of that eye make tips should be black lines surrounding her eyes. So I used perfect black e/l by KATE. You can use any black e/l you have. Fill in the water line until you can't see pink (skin) part.

Surround completely your eyes. We don't want to make it too black and "panda" eyes from thick lines so just fill in water lines and encircle your whole eyes.

Grab any shimmer black eyeshadow you have on the angle brush. I used BYS one. This is perfect black and stays on the skin till the end! Apply over the black line you just made and erase the harsh line around the outer part of your eyes and then make an angle. I make angles everyday makeup for work :D

Finish lashes with black mascara and you're done!

How was it? It's easy, isn't it. Hope you liked it and you'd try this.

with ZARA Knit.

Thanks for reading till here!!! I love you<3


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