Saturday Peaceful Moment

It's been pretty warm and shining weather every weekend. Every Saturday I open my eyes, the room is filled with such a peaceful sunlight. Finishing breakfast, I opened the curtain in the kitchen and found my dog, Mari that is 1 year old girl.
She was waving her tail and looking up at me. Hahahh..ok
I sat down on the floor and opened the windows (She's at balcony outside.)

This is when it was.  *No Makeup!* haha
look at youuuuuu

Awwww <3  
Mmmmmmmmm......don't lick!

I though this should be one of the happiest moments feeling really warm sunlight with sweet mild breeze around and my lovely dog is leaning on me.
Oh because she's a little angle?? xD

Hope you're having a geart weekend!


  1. aww what a lovely post :)

    mari is so cute :) xxxxx


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