I'M BACK!!! Missed being here

Hello everyone! I hope you guys are doing amazing. First of all, I have to apologize for being absent in so long. I'm so sorry. I haven't made any post at all since I wrote about Halloween makeup in October. My mom, sis, and I had to move out of Tokyo and until today we didn't have the Internet connection. I was trying to log in to make posts in my office at work, but it didn't bring me here for security reason.. All I could do is just singing in Facebook..lol my PC in the office even doesn't let me tweet haha Anyhow I'm sorry and now, since I finally got connected here, I really am excited to making posts!!

So..what should I write first..? there's too much stuff I want to tell you :D
Last night, my good friend (correctly she's my coworker but I wanna say firend) and I hung out in Shibuya, Tokyo, after work. The first place we went to was DIESEL!! hooray!

This DIESEL shop is very first concept store in the world!! I'm so proud that we have this for the first place in the world hehe.
When we got there, around 6:30pm, it was already all dark. so it's hard to see how it looks like.

This is taken during the day.

It was amazingly cool anyway. They have 2 or 3 floors and cafe!

Inside the cafe&bar.
They have hot dogs (w/salsa, JalapeƱo, sour kraft sauce), pouched egg, and some Italian supper dishes. And for dinner menu, Italian salami and cheese salad, and others. You can also make a purchase like olive oil made at DIESEL FARM in Italy.

At the Opening ceremony on 18th Nov., they invited Rihanna and Kanye west over here. Hmm wish I could've come see them. If you have chance to come to Shibuya, check this shop ;)

Next, we went to TOMORROWLAND which is next to DIESEL to see if they have something good for Christmas present.

this place was her (my friend, Akko) recommendation. she said she has a good candle of tomorrowland which's been still lasting since last year. we were trying to find the one but didn't make it. I really liked their cashmere scarf. but the price..made me decide not to buy lol
We got hungry..
so again, I took her to L&L Hawaiian BBQ restaurant. Sadly this time we couldn't see the owner from Hawaii. He's so funny guy and very hot! lol When I first came there with my sister, Haruka, we happened to see him and I started talking to him. He asked me if I'm half Japanese haha

These are what we got.
Akko had Garlic Shrimp salad with brown rice and I had Loco Moco which was "Today's special" (Big size and cheaper price. mine was 750yen; usually around 900yen ha)

Yummy yummy! it was great. I couldn't even finish it..left some bites on the dish. sorry :S
After we got so stuffed, we went to H&M and ZARA! Ahahhh!!! I love love love it!
At ZARA, I got new knit wear which has hood.

Hmm <3 it keeps me very warm. It has pretty thick brown fur nside the hood. looks nice..

I'm going to make new post tomorrow (Sunday) about makeup with this Knit sweater. Thank you so much for reading my blog and I'm sorry again for being absent for 2 months.



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