Only 4 steps For Bigger Round Eyes

I would like to tell you today how I do for eye makeup that I do every single day for work. This really is my conclusion that I reached at last to make quite easy, quick, but even bigger eyes in hurried mornings. When you finish reading this post, you'll be able to do exactly the same one as my makeup just because it's surely easy to finish and master! This makeup takes for 15 minutes from starting wearing foundation to finishing eyebrows (or last step you do). So eye makeup part should take for 5 to 7 min. If you're interested, please keep reading through!
After & Before

After finishing foundation, take pearl color eyeshadow on the soft fluffy brush like in the picture and apply it all over the lid. I also use the peachy bronze one at the upper left. Substitute Dazzlelight Neutral with shimmer (Veluxe Pearl) for Pearl  and Retrospeck Beached blonde (Lustre) for peachy bronze. 

1st Step

2st Step
Use any liquid liner which you use a pencile with. This is by KATE.

Begin from the inner corner of your lid and bring the line up to the end. (1st pic.) When you get there, put another thin line from the edge of your eye outward (2nd pic.) for an angle. The longer you line, the bigger and sexy eyes you get. Fill in the space and connect the thick line with the angle line. (3rd pic.)

Line underneath lower lash line too. Make sure to make lines as thin as possible. We don't want to make panda eyes here.

 3rd Step

On an angle brush (it shows pencil one though), take reddish brown by L'OREAL Tanning skintone to apply underneath lower lash line. Try to smudge the brown liquid line out just a little bit. not perfectly, just make the line obscure. This helps you make bigger round eyes with angles. Substitute Sable (Gold-plum w/bronze pearl) by MAC.
4th Step
 Grab whatever metallic shadow you like on the angle brush. This time I used blue. I change colors depending on my feelings in the morning haha.
Put the color on from the inner corner to the middle of the lid and let it fade away.
 like this.

 warmed red comes out this way.

Since the base color (the liner) is dark brown, eyeshadows you put over your lid would turn out a bit different from the original color. So to make it original color, keep adding it until you can see it or try close color that you think would turn into color you want. Just have fun ^ ^*
Add mascara and you're done!

How do you think about this? I believe it's really easy for everyone to do the same! You can get even bigger round and attractive eyes without much time (15 min total from foundation to finishing). I hope you'd try this and like this!
Thank you so much for reading till here :)
Hope you're having a great weekend and enjoying fantastic Christmas season!


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