Halloween Makeup #1 Atlantic Goddess-extension of usual makeup

Since one of my good friends asked me what I'd wear and do for Halloween, I started thinking of what kind of makeup (lol) would be good for this season. Actually, in Japan, we don't have Halloween custom at all. But maybe for business, there are so many party stuff for it at any store here. like tons of sweets, accessories, Halloween limited menu at restaurants, and so on. I think you can imagine that. it's totally like Christmas. Then today I decided to do makeup of Atlantic Goddess looks like an extension of a bit loud makeup like I do on my day off.

Today I mainly used Bourjois' eyeshadow which I got last Saturday. I really wanted to use one of them A LOT to see how they come out on my  day off and the time finally came haha. Unfortunately it's hard to use pretty pigmented shadows during weekdays for work because it doesn't suit office wear, which means I have to use like nude, brown, or orange base makeup everyday. This time I was doing this thinking of an impression of Ocean Goddess. it's just my image in my head so I didn't even look it up on the Internet or anywhere for this makeup.  If you wanna know how I did this, please keep reading it through!

*As always, after applying eyeshadow base you have, take Bourjois e/s #29 on the pencil brush. if you don't have this, substitute Juxt color by MAC. Put this from the inner corner to the middle of the crease blending it up.

*To make blue, take silver dark blue by KATE on the same brush and apply around the outer corner of the crease. Bring it up to the middle of the crease and blend "Juxt" color and this blue well. Substitute Tilt (Violet w/blue-green pearl (Frost)) by MAC.

*Now take Bourjois #09 on the pencil brush and put it all over the dark blue. Substitute Atlantic Blue by MAC. This is as not much pigmented as it seems, so keep applying it till well colored.

*Use the pencil or an angle brush, pull the blue all out to shape the wing. Color this part as exactly the same as on the crease.

*Take any light color matt e/s on the first finger to apply all over the lid. This helps you put next e/s to stay on.

*Grab Bourjois' #21, exactly the same as Plum Dressing by MAC, on the angle brush to put all over the lid.

*And then, like you brought blue shadows out for wing, make the purple out on the same line where your eye is. (Does this make sense? xD) Just bring it out.

*For more purple, go into Party Til Sunrise e/s pallet by BYS to take shiny grape color on the angle brush. Now it gets noticeable beautiful violet!

*Color underneath lower lashline with these purples and add #09 blue by Bourjois under the purple.

*Go into Metallics e/s pallet by BYS to take metallic light silver on the wide fluffy brush. Apply this on the browbone and into the inner corner as a hightlight.

*Use shiny blue eyeliner by KATE, substitute Ocean or Electric Blue liquid eyeliner by NYX, to fill in the water line. And add mascara without curler. You're done!
Complete look :)

Last Saturday, by the way, I went to a Bourjois shop in a department store near my house. The girl staff of Broujois and I talked so much and I told her I've been doing this makeup stuff on Youtube and here. and omg she gave me a pouch that is given only for people buy its mascara!

This looks so pretty, doesn' this?? I felt so special. And after I got this, she said she wants to know the link of my YB and here. I'm hoping she's still checking my work sometime.

Thanks so much for reading! Hope you're having a great weekend :))


  1. Wow this make up is amazing!!

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  3. Hey girl

    I've tagged you for an award on my blog


    Love Jo xxx

    Love the makeup by the way, its awesome :)


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