Orange Eyes in Black Inspired by Ashley Greene

In the November issue of Japan GOSSIPS, I found Ashley Greene who I never knew until today! Since I've never watched Twilight at all yet, I didn't know her. Looking at her picture, I thought oh she looks cool! and I want to do her makeup. Plus it looked easy to do :)
So this is what I've done down here
Using and mixing 3 different colors of Orange and surrounding eyes with black line. Though I used pearl white all over my lids, those black lines keep eyes looking sharp and aggressive. When you use lighter colors on your lids than others on your crease, you want to use the strongest color around your eyes not to make them look vague or obscure.
Okay! then please read this til the end!
*As always, apply any eyeshadow base you have all over the lid, and take Champagne e/s by NYX on the pencil brush. Put this on the inner corner of crease and bring it to the middle of it. Keep pressing the brush until well colored.
*Now take warm shiny orange by KATE on the same brush and apply into the crease (If you don't have it, add more Champagne). Create the wing,angle shape like the picture down below.

*To make it thicker, vivid orange around the outer corner of the crease, we're going to add this orangish brown by KATE and trace the angle on the crease with this. Substitute Neon Orange (Matte) by MAC.
And (this looks way lighter than actual color due to lightning) also place it above the lid for darker look.

*Add lashes. Make sure not to leave any space between your eyelash and fake one by using tweezers :)
*Take "my color pencil" by KATE, fill in the lid and also underneath lower lash line. Substitute Amuse Eyeshadow Pencil-White- by NYX
up to the middle part.

*Line above the lashes with black liquid eyeliner by FASIO. Any black e/l is ok, but I'd recommend you to use liquid one to let it come out well over the white color on the lid. And then fill in the water line too. You don't need to make it thick line at all :)
*Go into sheer black e/s by BYS on the angle brush to apply underneath lash line. Just to make it smudgy. Move the angle brush from the outer corner of your eye down to the middle.

*Go BACK to the orangish brown e/s by KATE on the angle brush, and put this under eyedrows to intensify orange. Cut the crease..
*Blend it out well with a clean pencil brush.
*Fix the harsh line with wide fluffy brush.
*Take cream color e/s by REVLON on the fluffy brush to apply onto the brow bone and the inner corner. Substitute White Frost by MAC.

Add mascara and you're done!
Isn't it easy? :D
I hope you like this and thank you so much for reading up here!
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  1. Oh my goodness! I am in love with this look! Thanks so much for posting the pictures and the tutorial, I need to try this! Do you think it would suit green eyes?
    You have beautiful eyes!

  2. Oh your eyes look gorgeous!

    Ashley Greene is beautiful too :)

    New follower <3
    great blog


  3. pretty look! nice and warm for autumn :)

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  4. I hope to one day do makeup like you =)
    Nice blog!

  5. Gorgeous!

  6. Hey

    I just came across your blog from

    What a great blog. Love this look, looks gorgeous on you

    Love Jo xxx


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